Welcome to our vinery

Gschweicher is a family-owned vinery full of tradition integrating this in modern times. It is based in Röschitz, one of the most famous wine-growing places of the northwest Weinviertel, the largest wine-growing region. The family manages around 14 hectares of vineyards especially concentrating on cultivation in close communion with nature.

The vinery has continued to evolve since the year 2000, when it won the Falstaff Grüner Veltliner Grand Prix. Not a year has passed since then without awards and successes. The white wine specialists have repeatedly drawn attention to themselves with their leading Austrian variety, which accounts for 70% of the cultivated area.
Six different Grüner Veltliner varieties are grown on the primary rock and loess soil on Manhartsberg. From the light and fruity Urkristall up to Primary Rocks the company’s premium wine. The oldest vines in the vinery are 83 years old, growing on sparse primary rock.

“Old vines give greater refinement and minerality to the wine. Just as people gain experience as
they grow older, the quality of grapes in older vineyards also improves.”

In 2008 the vinery was certified as a Weinviertel PLUS model company. This certification calls for top-quality production, processing and marketing and is the first quality management system for winegrowers in Austria.

The Gschweicher’s attitudes have been crowned with constant success: the wines have received countless awards in Austria.